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refer and earn with apnartaka

  • Our order processing time between 5 min to 60 min.
  • Take our services 7 Days(No Weekend).
  • You can Purchase at low Cost.
  • Make money with Apnartaka by referring new users.

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  • We don't accept any crypto-currency like Bitcoin,Etherium,Litecoin because those are illegal according to Govt. and don't support any kind of Online Betting/forex trading, use Our Service only for Good Purposes.
  • All Purchase can take place only on our website We have nothing to do with any other websites/platform !!!
  • It is strongly forbidden to use our Service for fraudulent and illegal operations. Visit our Term of service Page for more.

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    - Awesome

    অনেক বিশ্বস্ত একটা সাইট মাত্র ৯৫ ডলারের বিকাশ টু পারফেক্ট মানি নিলাম।

    - rasel, 2022-01-07 02:54:21

    - Excellent

    Very Trusted.... But average time of Order Completion is 3 hours, Which is Very disgusting. Hope "ApnarTaka" Authority will reduce the order completion time to max 1 hour.

    - Prayash Chakma, 2022-01-05 03:10:06

    - Awesome

    Payment onek late kore kore

    - Md shariful islam, 2021-12-10 05:49:27

    - Awesome

    very good service

    - NABA, 2021-11-07 01:58:13

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