Term of service

These Conditions are applicable –

  1. All activities in our company must comply with the laws and regulations of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh. Electronic currency obtained by illegal means shall not be used, and electronic currency shall not be purchased for illegal activities.
  2. The user must use the real identity (including name and email) to register our account. The email cannot be changed after registration, and must be filled in carefully when registering.
  3. The exchange rate of our company is not fixed. It will be adjusted according to the market at that time.
  4. The transfer fee shall be borne by the customer, and our company will not bear any transfer fee. We have declared Our fees.
  5.  For your trust you can Buy or Sell Small amount of dollar .
  6. Due payment of any transaction is not acceptable. Make your side payment within 60 minutes.
  7. Sometimes we stop Receiving or Sending Dollars for too much reserve or low
  8. We have right to hold your payment (1 hour to 72 hours).
  9.  Our Order completion time 5 minutes to 60 minutes.
  10. If you make order with wrong information you will be responsible for that . Please
    contact us within 5 minutes to update wrong information .
  11. Minimum and Maximum  Buy / Sell of any method will appear on User Dashboard.
    Our order process manually by an Admin/Operator.
  12. Sometimes we need additional information about you to complete your transaction.
  13. If you need instant support feel free to call us. You can find our
    contact details on the support page. https://apnartaka.com/account/support .
  14. Depends on demand and reservation and security purposes we
    have ability to control our service. (Suppose Perfect Money method is
    disabled that means Perfect Money is not available now).
  15.  Our working hour is 9.00 AM to 01:00 AM (GMT +06). In case of special circumstances, you can contact with us.
  16. For  Payment refund purpose please visit https://apnartaka.com/blog/refundpolicy/
    If we find any kind of suspicious issue we have right to declined your order or
    delete your account .